Think Different Think Ajballa

Fashionable Tshirts And Clothing For All. Ajballa Is Cool, Clean, Smooth, And Nice Many Items To Choose From That I'm Sure Will Suffice. Blessed Apparel, So Happy And Free, When You Look Good You Feel Good I Think You Will Agree, Wear Ajballa It's The Brand For You Blessed Apparel So Real And True.....

Why Choose Us

Ajballa is a christian based clothing brand, bringing you cool stylish fashion with a bit of swag. Here at Ajballa we love God and his kingdom. We are happy to be believers in Christ and to be Ambassadors of the kingdom. We are blessed of God, and we are blessed to be a blessing in this world. God is good and there is nothing to hard for him. Here at Ajballa we keep our desire strong to live life to the fullest to laugh and have joy because laughter is medicine. We love God and we love people, because God is love, and love is of God. So in everything we always choose to let go and let God Amen. Think different think ajballa.

Great service, fast shipping, and very reasonable prices,, clothes are very comfortable as well.

Jennifer Robinson
Crown Point Indiana

About Us

Anthony Jarrett

Store Owner

As a young man I wanted to handle things in life better than my parents did. I wanted to have my own. In 7th grade my 2 favorite shows were MTV Cribs, and Pimp My Ride, I was so amazed, inspired and intrigued by the show every time it came on I was glued to the TV. Watching that show for me at that time represented prosperity, wealth and riches, in my eyes the people in the show were BALLERS!!! So from then on I called myself AJBALLA,  A for Anthony,  J for Jarrett, and Balla was for me having lots of money, or to be rich. This name Ajballa stayed with me throughout my life, Ajballa was me, Ajballa is me. During the 2020 quarantine, and shutdown I started thinking about a name for the business and brand, I looked down at my phone sitting next to me and in the top right corner of the screen I saw Ajballa and so Ajballa was born.